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Why mechanical watches need maintenance and how to maintain them? ①

Why mechanical watches need maintenance and how to maintain them? ①

Why do mechanical watches need maintenance?

(Stains formed by the oxidation of Omega 8500 movement under a high-power microscope) The watch is called a precision mechanical chronograph, relying on the operation of the gears, clockwork and other parts inside the movement. As a mechanical part, friction will definitely occur in use, and friction will bring wear. Although most clocks and watches now use artificial rubies and lubricants inside the movement to reduce the friction of gears, clockwork, and escapement, in long-term use, as the lubricant dries and evaporates, the friction will become It is getting bigger and bigger, thereby accelerating the wear of the parts, which may eventually lead to the deformation of the parts and the decrease of the accuracy of travel time. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and refuel to ensure the accuracy of travel time.

(Cracks in the Rolex watch mirror fixing rubber ring due to aging)

In addition, the movement of a mechanical watch needs a safe and stable external environment, and the case acts as an effective barrier. However, as time goes by, the rubber ring used for waterproofing between the watch cases will age and the waterproof paste will fail, making it difficult to effectively isolate water and dust. The damage of moisture and dust to the movement is very, very, very large, so it is necessary to replace the waterproof ring to test the waterproofness.


A Rolex that was not treated in time after the water entered, which caused the internal rust of the movement)

In addition, in daily use, everyone's use environment is different, such as high temperature, strong magnetism, impact, etc., which may cause internal damage that is difficult to detect by the eyes. If not inspected and repaired in time, it may affect the watch. The accuracy of timekeeping can even cause irreparable permanent damage. In addition, the internal parts of the movement objectively have a service life, such as springs, hairsprings, gear shafts and other components. After long-term use, metal fatigue and wear will occur. Spare parts can be replaced during maintenance.

So, in order for your watches to last longer,

As long as it is a mechanical watch, it must be maintained regularly!

As long as it is a mechanical watch, it must be maintained regularly!

As long as it is a mechanical watch, it must be maintained regularly!


It's like a woman who needs to buy skin care products, and a car needs to be maintained! Failure to maintain it will result in the shortness of beauty and shortening of the service life. Although some brands (such as Cartier) have proposed maintenance-free designs, they are actually concept products. 99.9999999% of watches on the market require regular maintenance.

How often does it need maintenance?

For the maintenance of mechanical watches, there is actually no set time standard! Because of the different structure, performance, raw materials and wearing habits and wearing environment of each watch, we can only give a rough reference range.



Do a comprehensive maintenance every five years,

Do basic maintenance every three years.

For example, diving watches with special use should be inspected for waterproofing once a year, and degaussed every year if possible.


It is worth noting that the time period mentioned above is taken when there is no problem with the watch. Once the watch receives an impact, or accidentally enters water or is magnetized, it must be immediately sent to the repair point for treatment according to the specific situation!

I see dozens of cases of watch lovers every year, after the watch is damaged, they don't take it seriously and do not deal with it in time that caused the watch to be damaged. The light one may lose a few thousand dollars, and the heavy watch will be scrapped directly, and the loss will be tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands!

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