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What is the charm of mechanical watches?

What is the charm of mechanical watches?

  Although there are many varieties of watches, mechanical watches are the earliest watch varieties. It not only condenses the wisdom of the watchmaker, but also shows a lot of amazing superb technology. This is why sometimes a high-end watch can be rushed by many people, and it can even be sold at sky-high prices. The charm of mechanical watches is often not as simple as imagined. Whether it is the internal mechanical design or its expensive price, it reflects its quality and collection value.


  1. Is a mechanical watch a work of art?

The answer is definitely yes. Because the design and research and development of mechanical watches are very complicated, especially for some advanced mechanical watches, the precision of the craftsmanship has been carried out to an unimaginable level. To give a simple example, it is like the Tourbillon series of Seagull watches. The rotating escapement is placed in its corresponding frame, which can not only rotate freely, but also reduce the gravity force to ensure accurate travel time. degree. This kind of tourbillon movement frame is generally inclined 20 degrees, which can further assist the operation of the tourbillon. Thinking about these unique designs, the effort behind it is hard for us to appreciate. It is like a superb artwork that perfectly combines the movement of time with machinery, allowing us to enjoy the time in our hands. pleasure.


  1. What is the charm of mechanical watches?

Ask what is the charm of mechanical watches? Naturally, there are many aspects to the argument, such as the art of time. Mechanical watches are not just about time. You must know that to complete a delicate mechanical watch, you need skilled craftsmen. Every day and every moment, I create and pay for it. It brings together not only time, but also amazing functions. This is also the obvious charm of mechanical watches.

In addition, the mechanical watch is a unique handmade work, its taste and value are worthy of our thinking. It certainly does not represent a cold industrial product, nor is it a simple industrial composite. It also shows the heritage of every piece of watchmaking history.

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