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Watchdives Story

Watchdives Story

When I was a teenager, Friends always ask me why I am so fascinated by mechanical watches, especially diving watches. For such flashy things, it should be replaced by more accurate quartz watches and electronic watches. Nowadays, multifunctional watches with new technologies are more practical and beautiful. Is there any romantic reason?


There is indeed a romantic story, but this story can be traced back to the 60s.


When I was very young, there was a grid at the back of my grandma's big closet, and it was neither a passbook nor a small amount of gold. What is hidden is a large Roman watch wrapped in layers of cotton in a red box, and a pair of Flying Eagle watches without the box but kept in an iron sugar jar filled with cotton rags. The Flying Eagle watch is a quartz watch. The battery is dead and lying quietly in the sugar jar. The big Roman watch is still walking ticking. Although I am young and don’t know what is watch , but I think this sound is very value, so I put down these watches to find other new toys. Child has a bad memory, so these three watches escaped from me.


When I grew up, I learned from the chats between my mother and my aunt that behind that big Roman watch was the romantic feelings that the older generation could not tell. It was the promise of grandpa and grandmother, and it was also the trust and follow of grandpa.

In the 1960s when Grandpa was a poor educated youth from the countryside, the appearance of Grandma lit up the gloomy and cruel life. Without money, status, and background, they even had to support relatives in the countryside. Under the background of the Cultural Revolution, even knowledge became a burden. Let alone getting married, it's hard to even live decently. Grandma is not a pretty girl, and her education level is not high, but she is hardworking and caring for her family. The most important thing is that in a social atmosphere where intellectuals are sinners, grandma did not take her grandpa for granted as a "bad person", but ignored social filtering. Mirror saw the essence of grandpa and believed in his kindness and beauty, so he decided to go all out to support him and follow him. Just like Li Xiuzhi and Xu Lingjun in the movie Wrangler, although the older generation's love is mostly unpretentious, seemingly realistic and socialist, it is often more determined than the love of the new era. It may not be because "it used to be slow, and I was only enough to love one person in my life", but in the era when romance was a luxury, in the era when one step was wrong for life, and in the era when individualism could be ignored, there was almost no room for change in marriage. Marriage affects the fate of the two parents, and love has become the only feeling that exists in numb life and dare not admit it.


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