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The role of the bezel of the diving watch

The role of the bezel of the diving watch

In short, the bezel of the dive watch is used to indicate the dive time and is a device to ensure life safety. The outer ring of the diving watch usually has a dot or triangle representing the time of departure, and then clockwise with a minute scale of 10, 20, 30... With the same luminous pointer. Many watches use a one-way rotation, even if they accidentally knock down during diving and produce rotation, it will only shorten the diving time, but will not increase it.

Generally, a diving cylinder can supply 50 minutes of human breathing, so the diving time cannot exceed 45 minutes, which requires a clear understanding of the diving time underwater. When entering the water, rotate the outer ring to align the starting point or triangle with the current minute hand as the start, and then enter the water. Then the minute hand continues to move forward. Under water, you can pass this mark and the current minute hand position difference, check the outer circle number, you can know the dive time and estimate the remaining oxygen.

  • The first method is to choose the position of the bright spot on the watch dial or the triangle indicator to align with the current minute hand. The wearer can understand the current dive time through the position of the relevant minute hand underwater, so as to easily Calculate the remaining oxygen amount to ensure timely grasp of the time to dive.
  • The second method has a certain predictability. It can estimate the time the wearer needs to rise by measuring the oxygen content and the time of ascent in advance, and set it to a specific time point. When the bright spot on the watch dial or the triangle When the indicator is aligned with this position, it can be determined that the wearer needs to float up.

The rotating bezel can be said to be one of the important features of a diving watch, which serves as a reminder of the diving time. The marking scale of the rotating bezel is 15, 30, 45, because the general diving oxygen tank can only last for 45 minutes, and some are marked with a 60-minute scale. The first 15 minutes are colored or specially marked, and the diver will make a 15-minute safety stop when ascending in order to discharge the nitrogen absorbed from the cylinder. Usually, just turn the bezel during diving, make the 0 scale on the bezel align with the minute hand, and then look at the scale on the bezel after the minute moves to know the diving time.

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