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The Difference Between Mechanical Watch and Quartz Watch

The Difference Between Mechanical Watch and Quartz Watch

Mechanical watches and quartz watches are often two choices for buying watches. Many people don’t know the difference there. They only know that mechanical watches are generally more expensive. For example, the familiar Casio watches are quartz watches, Longines, Tissot, and most It is a mechanical watch, let us see the difference below.

Accuracy: The timing accuracy of a quartz watch is about 100 times higher than that of a mechanical watch. The daily error of a quartz watch is within 0.5 seconds, and the daily error of a mechanical watch is about 45 seconds, and with temperature changes, sometimes it is faster and sometimes slower. Maintainability: Quartz watches do not need to be wound, and only need to change a battery in two years. Normally, there is no maintenance. Mechanical watches need to be wound. Once you forget it, they will stop timing.

Weight: Quartz watches can be made of plastic for movement and gears. They can be made very thin, light and miniature, while mechanical watches must use metal as the movement, and its complicated mechanism is difficult to miniaturize, so it is much heavier than quartz watches.

Price: The workmanship of mechanical watches is very important, and the mass production capacity is low, so the price is very expensive, at least 100 yuan or more, while the plastic movement of quartz watches is easy to process, and the circuit board can also be mass-produced, so the price To be lower, ordinary quartz watches can be bought for only 2,30 yuan; cultural taste: this is the proud advantage of mechanical watches, a well-made mechanical watch can be pleasing to the eye and enhance the owner’s taste. Brings a kind of glory of nobility;

Life: Mechanical watches rely on its metal movement, which can serve you and even your descendants for hundreds of years. Many people regard them as heirlooms; quartz watches are due to the circuit and plastic movement. Many of them are worn and damaged within 5 years, not to mention heirlooms; the reason is that the pure mechanical watch has a complicated structure and requires a lot of labor. The pure manual mechanical watch is more expensive, while the quartz watch structure is much simpler. Therefore, mechanical watches are more expensive than quartz watches.

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