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Precautions for using the watch

Precautions for using the watch

Note: No water-resistant watch of any level can support hot water bathing or showering, because the watch is waterproof but not water-resistant, and hot water has water vapor.

30 meters: 30 meters of waterproof, normal light rain and shallow water washing and splashing will not affect the performance of the watch, swimming, bathing, and hot water are not allowed. (30-meter waterproof is a technical term, not to say that it can be 30 meters vertically, please remember that the watch cannot be placed in water~ please carefully watch the waterproof range)

50 meters: support life waterproof, normal small rain, wash splash and occasional swimming will not cause damage to the watch.

100 meters: Normal swimming with the watch is no problem, but it is not recommended that you keep in contact with water regularly.

200 meters: It can resist splash water, rain, car washing, rain, swimming, diving, snorkeling.


(1) The waterproof rubber ring is prone to aging and deterioration, and should be replaced regularly, or replace each time it is repaired.

(2) Damage to the watch glass can affect the waterproof performance of the watch.If it is damaged, replace it in time.

(3) Do not operate the crown of the watch in water or when the watch is wet,To prevent water from entering the meter.

(4) Push the crown to the end after use, pay attention to the lock of the turnbuckle crown Keep tight to the watch without leaving a gap.

(5) When the watch gets wet, wipe it dry at any time.

(6) Prevent chemical substances from contacting the watch, otherwise it will affect the watch case and waterproof rubber ring, reduce the waterproof performance.

(7) Do not leave the watch in high temperature (+60°C) and low in a warm (-10°C) environment.

(8) If water vapor spots appear in the watch, they should be removed in time to avoid machine parts rust.

About the strap:Under normal circumstances, the new belt will be hard, and the belt will not change until about 7-8 days after normal wearing soft. Please avoid prolonged contact with water on the leather strap, and keep the strap dry at all times.For people who often sweat, it is recommended to replace the steel band or rubber strap in summer.

About adjusting time:To adjust the time of the watch, please press the pointer clockwise to adjust, not counterclockwise Time, except for quartz two-hand watches. There are calendar mechanical watches, please try to avoid adjust the time from 20:00-8:00 in the evening, because the movement may be jumping to the calendar at this time.

Pay attention to high temperature:Please try not to place the watch in hot baths, saunas, and other high-temperature or temperature-changing rings.Use in the environment, otherwise the movement of the movement will cause the accuracy of the watch to be affected. Pass High temperature will also cause accelerated aging of the waterproof ring, and even water vapor intrusion and damage the watch.

Pay attention to anti-magnetic:The standard error range of mechanical watches is ±45 seconds/day. If the lubricant inside the movement is abundant, the new watch will slowly stabilize when it is running, and stabilize and normal after a period of time. High-quality movement can be stabilized in within 10 seconds/day, pay attention to anti-magnetic and avoid contact with strong magnetic objects such as mobile phones and TVs.

Quartz Watches:The misalignment of the hands and scales of most quartz watches is normal and not a quality problem.The movement power of the quartz watch is driven by a quartz vibrator motor. Quartz watches also need to pay attention to these question such as anti-magnetic, waterproof, shock-proof, anti-high temperature.

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