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New Arrival Coupon Cod! Heimdallr Monster Automatic Watch

New Arrival Coupon Cod! Heimdallr Monster Automatic Watch

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From the first glance, you will notice that this is a very unique diving watch. The dial, bezel and case are all aggressive – like a monster with teeth and claws, no wonder everyone nicknamed it "Monster." ".

Most watch brands design diving watches, more or less you can see some of the shadow of Submariner, but fine tools have strong technical capabilities and unique oriental aesthetics, and always launch some maverick designs. Monster is a very A masculine and eye-catching watch, a sophisticated gentleman may dislike it as ugly, but fans have a religious belief: this is the most cost-effective diving watch, durable like a handy tool.

Heimdallr has launched a 5-color dial, each with its own flavor.

Use $10 off coupon with code monster

Red, showing enthusiasm. Only $165

Orange, vibrant youth - Only $165

Blue, mysterious and gorgeous -  Only $165

Black, classic for men. - Only $165

Olive green, distinctive - Only $165

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