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How to judge whether the watch is magnetized 丨

How to judge whether the watch is magnetized 丨

There are magnetic fields in many places in our lives, which may not be felt by our bodies, but our watch can feel them! Watches exposed to magnetic fields will cause magnetism, which will seriously affect the movement of the movement, and the time will no longer be accurate. So how to judge whether the watch is magnetized, and how to use the watch degausser to degauss the watch? Let Watchdives introduce it to you, we hope everyone will take a look.


When wearing the watch, if the watch accidentally touches objects such as generators and motors with a strong magnetic field, or puts the watch on a radio or TV, the watch will be magnetized and the watch will become inaccurate. Phenomenon, and even shut down. In this case, you should go to the watch repair department as soon as possible to repair it to professionals to ensure that the watch will not cause more inconvenience to your daily life after the watch is demagnetized. Therefore, I would like to remind you that when wearing the watch, you must pay attention to keeping the watch away from objects with strong magnetic fields, so that you will not worry that your beloved watch will be demagnetized.


How to judge whether the watch is magnetized


Compass: Put the watch close to the compass. If the compass deflects too much, the watch is magnetized. Even if the watch is not magnetized, because the watch itself is made of steel, when the watch is close to the compass, the compass will move slightly, but the degree of deflection is small.


This method can also be used to detect the presence of a magnetic field where the watch is kept. Take the compass to the place where the watch is kept. If the compass deflects, there is a suspicious magnet nearby. Tools made of steel materials at home, such as vices, are often exposed to magnets when they approach magnets unknowingly. The place where the watch is kept should also take away such tools that have been magnetized.


How to degauss with a watch degausser


The watch degausser uses AC power to generate an alternating magnetic field to degauss the hairspring of a mechanical watch. The electronic tube TV also has a degaussing circuit when it is turned on. You can put the watch in front of the screen, and then turn it on for degaussing, which can also have a positive degaussing effect. Once the watch is magnetized, it will go quickly, even 1-2 hours a day. You should always wear mechanical watches away from magnetic fields, such as stereos, televisions, and mobile phones. If you love the watch, you don’t have to be magnetized. Put a compass next to the watch to see if the compass fluctuates strongly. If it does, it will be magnetized. Otherwise, it will not be magnetized.



The correct way to use the watch degausser is to first turn on the power, press the red switch, hold the watch with your hand, face up, pass from top to bottom, and then repeat. This has already demagnetized; but note that the movement cannot directly touch the demagnetizer. When passing through the demagnetizer, it must be in a single direction. Whether it is a mechanical watch or a quartz watch, there are mechanical rotating parts in the movement. Under the influence of the magnet, the mechanical parts are pulled by the magnetic force, and of course they can't turn. After the magnet is removed, the magnetic force is eliminated and the machine can move on its own again. However, because the mechanical parts in the watch are close to the magnet, they will become magnetic. Therefore, the future rotation process will be greatly affected. The obvious performance is that the watch is slow.



The above is the introduction of how to judge whether the watch is magnetized and how to use the watch degausser to demagnetize. Have you already learned it? If you still don’t understand, please send it to a professional watch repair organization when the watch is magnetized and ask someone to handle it. . In addition, the price of watch degaussers is not very expensive, generally around tens of dollars.

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