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How is the watch movement grade divided?

How is the watch movement grade divided?

The watch movement craft is a very exquisite art! The craftsmanship directly affects the quality and price of the watch. So how is the watch movement level divided? Let Watchdives take a look at it.

    The most elementary-the machine plate is not polished, and the material of the escapement structure is not alloy material, but ordinary steel and copper.

    The second level-the movement is polished, and the material of the escapement remains the same.

    The third level-the movement is polished, and electroplating is strengthened to make it more beautiful. The alloy is used as the material of the escapement structure to make its accuracy not affected by temperature changes.


    The fourth level-the same as the third level, except that the fine adjustment device of the speed needle is added.

   Level 5-Make some small changes to the machine plate on the movement. There are strict requirements for grinding and polishing. With its own movement number, there is a fine-tuning device for the speed and slow needles, and the best alloy material is used to make precision The longitudinal structure components are polished and sent to the observatory for inspection, and the words such as 5-direction adjustment are engraved on the machine board.

    The sixth level-also has the fifth level requirements and production standards. Especially for steel parts such as escape wheels, horses, fast and slow needles, for chamfering and mirror polishing, the spherical cavestone structure is adopted, the gears are also chamfered and sand-grained, and the screws are also required for mirror chamfering; if it is an automatic watch, K gold is used as the automatic plate, so the movement has reached the level that a high-end watch should have.

    The seventh level-a movement that meets the requirements of the Geneva Seal, a movement developed, designed and produced in its own factory.

    The most advanced ones should be handcrafted by experienced watch masters to participate in watch competitions and have the production level of Geneva. Or in a personal studio, from the structural design, the processing and manufacturing of the machine plate arrangement parts, polishing, polishing, testing, and assembly, including the design, manufacturing and assembly of super-complex movement by oneself. It is not only the display of basic functions or complex functions, but also the endorsement of watch craftsmanship, and it is also a piece of watch art handed down.

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