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How dose the luminous watch develop?

How dose the luminous watch develop?

At the beginning of the last century, when the development of the electric power industry was not very popular, it was very difficult for humans to read clocks and watches under poor light conditions. Especially in the dark environment, there is not enough light source to reflect light on the clock dial, which does not have much impact on ordinary people. But it is extremely inconvenient for some scientists who often conduct outdoor scientific research and soldiers fighting in the field, so the timekeeping device with luminous function is very exciting.

  Today, the lighting system is very developed, and outdoor scientific research also has more accurate and professional outdoor function electronic watches. For traditional watches, the luminous scale may only be a decorative function on the dial, but this is also very important and even becomes The big selling point of a watch.

Madame Curie (1867-1934) Madame Curie contributed to the birth of "Ra". We may have all studied in history textbooks. In 1898, Madame Curie discovered the element of radium. This luminescent element was only used in 1910. Humans obtain metal materials through electrolysis. Then it was applied to the product by Panerai, an Italian military watch at the time, in just 5 years, and applied for a patent. It can be described as a good use of science and the perfect combination of science and technology with traditional watchmaking. These brands in the watchmaking industry are "luminous" big players

For example, Panerai, which provided military products to Italy in World War II, provided manufacturing dashboards for submarines and armored vehicles of the Italian army. Then he entered the watch industry and started making military watches. Luminous scales and hands were very popular. So until today, most of the Panerai watches we see are watches with luminous scales. Panerai's luminous material uses radioactive luminescent material radium. Radium is a pure white alkaline earth metal that will be oxidized to black when exposed to air. All the compounds of radium are radioactive and unstable in nature. They will decay into radon in about 1600. Because of the constant decay, they will emit light blue light by themselves. Now Panerai also uses another luminous material Luminor, using another radioactive material tritium as the luminescent material.

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