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Two areas you may overlook!

Two areas you may overlook!

The most direct way is to keep the watch away from the magnetic field. There are too many opportunities for mechanical watches to be exposed to magnetic fields in real life. For example, they are placed next to electrical appliances that generate magnetic fields (such as stereos, refrigerators, computers, etc.), magnetic objects (such as magnets, mobile phones), and women use handbags to switch Magnetic buckles and magnetic buckles for men's mobile phone cases may cause the watch to be magnetized, which will cause the watch to be inaccurate or stop temporarily. These details require you to pay extra attention when wearing them.

So if the watch has been accidentally magnetized, how to demagnetize the watch? It is best to send the watch repair department to demagnetize, because there are special equipment for demagnetization, which can restore the watch's time to normal. If you far away from a watch shop, you can find a circle-shaped iron block that is not magnetized and place it on the table. Slowly wear the watch through the circle of iron blocks. The magnetism on the watch will be lost. It is absorbed by iron; you can also put the watch on a clean iron plate without magnetism, so that the magnetism of the watch will gradually disappear after two days.


The watch is left unused for a long time

Misunderstanding: Watches can be roughly divided into quartz and mechanical watches. Many people do not have the habit of wearing watches every day, so they often place them, which will cause the internal parts of the oil to precipitate, which will make the watch inaccurate.

Coping method: Some problems need to be paid attention to for quartz watches that are not used for a long time. The so-called long-term is beyond the expiration date of the battery. Quartz watches are basically silver oxide batteries. Like other types of batteries, silver oxide batteries will self-discharge even when they are not in use (such as in storage). Therefore, I suggest that if you have long-term storage of quartz watches, especially high-end watches, it is best to send the watch to a repair shop and take out the battery first.

Although mechanical watches do not need batteries, improper maintenance can also damage their life. If you wear it every day, the best maintenance method is to tighten the clockwork every two weeks to ensure that its gears run smoothly. Rotate the crown gently until you can feel a slight urgency. If it is left unused for a long time, it is best to wind 1-2 times a month. When the clockwork is completely relaxed, it is best to turn the crown 20 times to restart the drive system of the movement so that the watch maintains the internal mechanism. The device operates normally and accurately.

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