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The Very Best Dive Watches A Man Can Buy In 2020

The Very Best Dive Watches A Man Can Buy In 2020

The Very Best Dive Watches A Man Can Buy In 2020

Welcome to our 2020 overview of best dive watches for less than $200.If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Dive Watches Under 200$ is, then we recommend the following watches. It has been proven to be water-resistant up to 200 meters, 300meters and is ideal for surface water sports, but not advisable for deep-water scuba diving. So regardless of whether you're into other water sports, apart from diving, a good-quality dive watch will surely meet your expectations.


  1. 1975 Tuna can   $149

This watch case is made of a stainless steel and ceramic bezel 47.5mm diameter in size,the watch mirror use sapphire crystal.Besides, we have green/blue/black three different color dials for choice. As for the movement,we choose made in Japan NH 35 movement.It is water resistant to 300m.It looks simple and classic.It is well-built and strong.Only $149,You can own a homage Seiko Tuna.


  1. 1970 Turtle  $138

This watch comes with rubber/nylon/leather/stain steel straps and dark-blue watch face, 43.8mm stainless steel case, and luminous way is BGW9 Blue for bezel and Swiss C3 green light for surface and hands.It is water resistant to 200m.It is not too light or heavy, making it comfortable for the hand.


  1. 1962 MAS   $178   

1962 MAS Watch fit nicely to a wrist because of its 42mm diameter case and Pot lid (bubble mirror) sapphire crystal. This diver watch is resistant to water up to 200m or 660ft,with attractive and functional design.So It is fits perfectly on a small hand.


  1. 1952 aka Fifty Fathoms   $187

If you think Tissot Heritage and Montblanc Grace Kelly are too dull and just don't want to wear a fancy piece of metal on your wrist, then try the 1952 Fifty Fathoms, it will definitely make you fall in love. This watch has an old-fashioned atmosphere similar to Tissot. The second bezel along the outside of the dial is small and delicate. Although it looks more like a decorative element, it is still easy to identify. There is a textured circle in the center of the dial, which is convenient for you to watch the reading of the watch from any angle.


  1. 1971 MARINE MASTER SBDC001    $168

If you are looking for an affordable mechanical watch, this one may be the best choice at the moment.Of course, they are not made in Switzerland, but the Japanese have the same prestige for great mechanical watches.This watch looks completely different from the other models we recommend. It has a colored dial, bezel and strap, and looks like a device that James Bond likes to wear.

  1. 1968 MARINE MASTER SBDX001    $192

This watch look similar like 1971, but it looks more heavy and bigger. The same as 1971Known for being accurate and reliable, this diver watch is trustworthy and doesn’t need a battery because it is being powered by body movement.and It is water resistant to 200m or 660ft with Japanese automatic movement.

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